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DMA Updates and Enhancements

Project Status

In Progress

Project Overview

The Degrees and Majors Authorized (DMA) data system contains the official list of academic programs that each institution is authorized to award. This project will work with institutions to make any needed corrections to their list of authorized programs, provide modality for all programs and add additional information, such as required credit hours, as determined by Academic Affairs leadership. The updated information will be added to the Georgia Degrees Pay website. DMA process improvements identified will be evaluated and prioritized for implementation.

Project Benefits

Will ensure that DMA contains correct information which streamlines Academic Data Collection processes and provides accurate information to USG leadership for decision making and to the public for college-going and academic program selection decisions.

New user-friendly public-facing portal in Georgia Degrees Pay will provide students and their families with the information they need about degree offerings and associated data at the University System of Georgia’s 26 public colleges and universities.

Will provide USG leadership additional information allowing them to monitor trends in academic program modality and length in support of USG efforts to support access to academic programs and shortening of time-to-degree.