Strategic Implementation

Operations Division

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Phase II)

Project Status

Completed May 2022

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to implement KnowBe4, a centralized, standardized online learning platform to facilitate cybersecurity awareness training activities across the University System of Georgia.

This project will significantly enhance the cybersecurity readiness of all USG Institutions by providing access to additional cybersecurity-related training content and detection/prevention tools.

Phase II of this project will activate KnowBe4’s integrated phishing prevention and detection tools for all USG Institutions currently on the platform and onboard two additional USG Institutions.

Future phases of the project will onboard additional USG Institutions and expand platform capabilities.

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Project Benefits

USG Institutions will have access to a library of hundreds of cybersecurity training modules and KnowBe4’s integrated suite of Phishing prevention and detection tools.

Standardized training content developed and kept up to date by vendor.

Centralized platform allows for Institution-specific and system-wide metrics.

Reduces duplicated effort across multiple USG Institutions currently developing/maintaining individual training content.