Strategic Implementation

Operations Division

Career Planning Resource Platform

Project Status

Completed January 2023

Project Overview

In August 2022, Governor Brian Kemp and USG Chancellor Sonny Perdue announced that a $650,000 award from the Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund will be used to establish a Career Planning Resource Platform available to all 26 public Institutions in the University System of Georgia.

The Career Planning Resource Platform project will partner USG with the digital platform Steppingblocks to provide all USG students access to online and use-at-your-own pace virtual career planning, advice, and survey tools that may not otherwise be available at their institution.

These additional resources will ensure Georgia students are both well-prepared to meet our growing workforce needs and able to find dedicated careers which set them on a path of life-long success.

Project Benefits

Performing an analysis of the alumni population for each institution, empowering current students to gain insights into and connect their degree choices to graduates in that field while facilitating networking.

Creating a customized portal for each institution so students, faculty, and administrators can securely access institutional and statewide resources to support student academic success.

Building and connecting several analytic data-driven tools for students to use in order to construct individualized pathways towards degree success.

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