Keep Teaching USG

Course Material Guides

The following guides and sets of tools were created to help USG faculty find, create, and share affordable materials and open educational resources (OER) within the move to online instruction:

Creating Library Reading Lists (Affordable Learning Georgia)
Using library resources in D2L can be made easier through the use of EBSCO Curriculum Builder, a platform which enables instructors to create reading lists using GALILEO resources in D2L.

OER Search Tools (Affordable Learning Georgia)
These search tools assist faculty in finding open educational resources for their courses in an efficient, usable way.

Creating and Modifying Open Educational Resources (Affordable Learning Georgia)
This modular tutorial guides faculty through the creation, remixing, licensing, and sharing processes involved in the creation and modification of open educational resources.

Digital Accessibility Tips (CIDI)
This guide from the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) briefly covers many accessibility options for distance learning and describes how CIDI can assist with these options.

Accessibility Guides (Affordable Learning Georgia)
This set of guides to making basic Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and audiovisual resources accessible are written with faculty authors in mind.

Web Accessibility Guide (USG)
This guide covers creating accessible web resources in-depth, including compliance with laws and standards.

Finding Free and Open Resources (Affordable Learning Georgia)
This modular tutorial guides faculty through understanding what open educational resources are and how to find them.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidance During the COVID-19 Crisis
This copyright statement from the USG provides guidance on Fair Use with library and other instructional materials during the crisis.