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USG Guides for Faculty

USG Guides for Faculty

The following documents have been created to assist all USG faculty in moving online:

USG Resource Guide for Transitioning to Remote Instruction (eCampus)
This eCampus guide takes faculty through three alternative pedagogies for moving a course online: putting the course in a learning management system (LMS), developing a course through videoconferencing, and keeping an online course simple for students with low or zero internet access or technology at home.

Guiding Principles for Moving Instruction Online (CC-BY 4.0)
With the assistance of the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning, this open-licensed USG guide explains best practices in online instruction, including communications, content delivery, discussions, assignments, labs, and exams.

Supporting the Motivation of Online Learners - Building Expectancy (UVA Motivate Lab) As emergency remote learning forced classrooms to transition to online formats, many students have questioned whether they can learn in this new modality. Targeting the question “Do students believe that they can do the task?” this resource from the USG partners at UVA’s Motivate Lab provides resources to increase students’ motivation and prevent disengagement.

List of Virtual Lab Resources (eCampus)
This is a live Google Doc by eCampus staff listing digital alternatives to in-person laboratory exercises.

Proctored Exam Alternatives Guide (eCampus)
This eCampus document provides alternatives to giving proctored exams in case proctoring services are overwhelmed due to the crisis.