Information Technology Services

Managed Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Will the Institutions Continue to Provide?

    Rule and Control Forms in Banner

    Institution users will continue to have access to and maintain all validation, rule, and control forms. In addition, system setup and rule establishment will remain an institution function.

    Banner Business Processes

    All Banner business processes will remain institution functions. Business processes include admissions, registration, financial aid, end-of-term processing, new aid year set up, accounts receivable end-of-day closeout procedures, degree audits, etc.

    First Line Technical Support

    Experienced local institution personnel are, and will remain, the best avenue to provide primary functional user support. Institution users will rely on institution support personnel for technical issues. The ITS Helpdesk is available for those issues that cannot be solved by local personnel.


    Each institution will be asked to designate two security administrators who will be provided administrative accounts and will be responsible for maintaining security objects and classes, and user membership in these classes.

  • Will GeorgiaBEST Have Access to Our Institution’s Data?

    In order to provide the services listed above as well as the necessary data security, ITS student system database and software administration technical personnel will have access to your hosted databases. ITS developers and business analysts will not have access to your institution data without your written permission. ITS will not give your data to any external entity without your permission in writing and would prefer to enable you to do so yourself should the need arise.

  • What is the Process for System Upgrades and Patches?

    Guided by implementation timelines, hosted environment(s) patches and upgrades will always be applied to the institution’s TEST environment during one of the maintenance windows established in the ITS Helpdesk Service Level Guidelines. ITS will work with institutions to determine the timelines for patches and upgrades within the specified maintenance windows or agreed upon timeframe. The hosted service will be unavailable to institution users during patch and upgrade processes.

  • Does GeorgiaBEST Provide Maintenance Windows?

    ITS will perform regular backups and other scheduled maintenance that will require service downtime according to a published maintenance schedule and process.

  • Are Customizations to the Environments Permitted?

    The hosted services environment allows for the implementation of customizations as part of the governed change management process.

  • Are Third-Party Integrations with Environments Permitted?

    Institutions have a variety of integrations with their hosted environment. For a comprehensive list of features and/or integrations utilized by current customers, please see the Managed Services Catalog.

  • What Printers are Supported in the Hosted Environment?