Faculty Development

Academic Affairs Division


MomentumU@USG is a virtual professional development space for USG faculty and staff supporting the Momentum Approach to student success. Content and events are developed and maintained by the USG Office of Faculty Development in partnership with USG faculty, institutional centers for teaching excellence, and other academic partners across the system.


MomentumU@USG will open to all USG faculty and staff on January 5, 2022.

  • USG full-time faculty are pre-enrolled in MomentumU@USG.
  • Part-time faculty and all USG staff must first submit an enrollment request.

Catalog of Online Resources, Courses, and Events

Visit MomentumU@USG and review our catalog of online resources, courses, and events supporting USG faculty and staff.

Single Sign-On and Login Information

MomentumU@USG uses the same single sign-on process used by USG employees to access OneUSG Connect. Select the link, identify your institution, and complete the user authentication.

[MomentumU@USG Login]


If you need assistance accessing MomentumU@USG, please submit a request for support. If you have a general question, please email: momentumu@usg.edu.