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LEAP Georgia

Launched in 2005, Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) is a national public advocacy and campus action initiative. LEAP champions the importance of a liberal education—for individual students and for a nation dependent on economic creativity and democratic vitality.

– American Association of Colleges and Universities, www.aacu.org/leap

Campuses and Partners: University System of Georgia; institutions joining the LEAP State Georgia Consortium; independent institutions interested in partnership

Year Joined: 2016
The LEAP State Georgia Consortium comprises colleges and universities of the University System of Georgia.  Led by the LEAP Georgia Steering Committee, the consortium organizes LEAP activities throughout the state and welcomes all institutions to participate.

LEAP Mission: The LEAP State Georgia membership, which collectively is referred to as LEAP Georgia, is committed to developing the LEAP vision through creation of purposeful pathways for students and high levels of student achievement of the Essential Learning Outcomes.  LEAP values, the values of liberal education, are essential for future professionals, future citizens, and future leaders.  LEAP Georgia is committed to the Principles of Excellence toward the goals of inclusivity, civic connection, and lifelong inquiry.

For more information about the LEAP vision across the country, visit www.aacu.org/leap.

Featured initiatives:

  • LEAP Georgia Steering Committee meets twice a year to manage administrative and governance issues
  • Each active campus has created or is in the process of creating its own local group to manage the campus LEAP plan
  • Every spring the USG hosts a gathering of LEAP Georgia campuses to showcase or participate in the showcasing of activities going on at the individual institutions
  • The USG is coordinating with institutional presidents and with community leaders including members of the Board of Regents to coordinate the efforts of LEAP initiatives with the emerging concerns of “essential skills”

Visit the LEAP State Georgia website.