USG Faculty Council

Representing faculty from each of the University System of Georgia institutions

USGFC Meeting on February 25 2011

Before the Meeting

  • Save the Date email (posted 01-30-2010)
  • Tentative Agenda email
    • Tentative Agenda MSWord pdf (posted 02-24-2011)

At the Meeting

  • Agenda: Tentative MSWord pdf

Supporting Documents

  • USG Faculty Council web site
  • Board of Regents Organization Chart
  • Board of Regents Policy Language for USGFC (posted 11-19-2010)
  • DRAFT Resolutions (USGFC) from Nov 2009 (this link added 02-24-2011)
  • Proposed Bylaws Revisions 19 Nov 2010 (posted 11-19-2010) (Anticipate a vote on these proposed revisions to the bylaws)
    • Institutional Endorsements of Proposed Revisions (posted 02-24-2011)

Resolutions (to be determined at the meeting)

  • Formula Funding Resolution MSWord pdf (posted 02-25-2011)

    • Cover Letter (03-23-2011) for the Formula Funding Resolution MSWord pdf (posted 12 Apr 2011)
  • Draft - Bylaws Revisions - From 25 Feb 2011 Meeting MSWord pdf (posted 02-25-2011)
    (Anticipate an electronic vote on these proposed revisions with the ballot opening 18 April 2011.)

After the Meeting

  • USG Class Schedule Links html pdf MSWord (posted 4 Apr 2010; prepared by Tim Brown of South Georgia College)
  • Cover Letter (03-23-2011) for the Formula Funding Resolution MSWord pdf (posted 12 Apr 2011)

Meeting Minutes

  • Draft for review by USGFC voting members [posted 04/12/2011]
  • Final [posted 11/05/2011]

Bylaws Vote

  • Motion USGFC.02-25-2011.005: The current co-chairs [Dr. Combier and Dr. Turner] implement an asynchronous electronic vote on the Proposed Bylaws Revisions 25 Feb 2011 [circulating this document to the USGFC email listserv as soon as possible following the 25 Feb 2011 USGFC meeting] with the ballot for voting members to be opened no earlier than April 18, 2011 with a one calendar week window in which to cast a vote was made and seconded and voted on resulting in a USGFC action to approve Motion USGFC.02-25-2011.005.
  • Email Invitation 19 Apr 2011 to Vote (posted 27 Apr 2011)
  • Survey (Ballot) (posted 27 Apr 2011)
  • Results (posted 27 Apr 2011)
  • Email Announcement of Results (posted 27 Apr 2011)
  • Email to Dr. Linda Noble requesting Chancellor consideration (posted 27 Apr 2011)
  • Email from Dr. Linda Noble regarding Chancellor consideration (posted 25 Aug 2011)