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Service Level Guidelines

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Service Level Guidelines

USG goals for support delivery and service management: USG Service Level Guidelines

ITS Maintenance Schedules for Products and Services

Performance Against Service Level Guidelines

When ITS receives your support request, we analyze the severity of the problem and assign a priority based on definitions within the Service Level Guidelines.

To measure and communicate ITS service support performance against target resolution times for each priority ITS publishes current metrics and whenever possible adjustments made for improvement.

Percent Total Customer Support Requests Meeting Resolution Times by Priority
(Data current through January 31, 2015)
High 92%
Medium 89%
Low 97%

More information about HOW DOES ITS PRIORITIZE MY SUPPORT REQUEST? and Target Response, Resolution, and Update Times is included within the ITS Service Level Guidelines.

Customer Support Experience Rating

Baseline: 97% very satisfied/satisfied
(Calculated July 1, 2011 - January 31, 2012)
Current random sample very satisfied/satisfied99%
(Last updated 12/31/2014)