College 2025

Adaptability, Essential Skills, Lifelong Learning & Partnerships

Opening Statement

Public higher education has traditionally represented a path toward advancement for states and their citizens. However, in recent years, many have raised questions about its cost and mission. While an essential public good, new forms of instruction and student learning are challenging long-held views of public higher education as it faces disruption from economic and technological forces.

To be successful, institutions must maintain both cost affordability and academic quality while preparing graduates for the workforce and to be productive members of their communities. The College 2025 Initiative, launched by USG Chancellor Steve Wrigley in May 2017, aims to create a road map for Georgia’s public universities and colleges to address those concerns and offer a path toward real solutions.

As part of the College 2025 Initiative, Chancellor Wrigley created a committee tasked with developing an academic plan. This plan will help the USG and its institutions build on existing strengths that include institutional sectors, individual campus identities and missions, faculty expertise and the collaborative strength of the System to act as a single educational entity. The committee’s plan will inform future direction within our state public higher education system, allowing Georgia to maintain its position as a state that is responsive to the educational needs of all its citizens.

To be clear, this document is a guide, not a prescription, recognizing the uniqueness every USG campus brings to this state. is incumbent upon individual institutions and the USG to be agile, nimble and resilient whatever the future holds.