College 2025

Adaptability, Essential Skills, Lifelong Learning & Partnerships


The future is unknown and to try to predict what it will be like can be a difficult task. This project was an effort to suggest a way of thinking and some direction that might provide USG institutions with an opportunity to equip our graduates for an ever-changing and often uncertain future.

With this in mind, our committee recommends all colleges and universities become more adaptable in their approach to higher education. This includes rethinking our practices, curriculum and processes, particularly as it relates to technology and data.

Secondly, our committee recommends USG institutions have a plan and process employed to ensure that all students are exposed to essential skills that employers seek of our graduates.

Thirdly, our committee recommends all institutions develop robust lifelong learning activities and programs that can be incorporated throughout a lifetime and career, realizing that knowledge is ever increasing and that the jobs of the future may demand additional education.

Finally, our committee recommends all USG institutions reach out and create greater partnerships with other learning institutions, corporations, business, industry, professional societies and others. The future of higher education is dependent upon us finding meaningful partnerships that will support and enhance our work.