University System of Georgia Branding Guidelines

External Affairs Division

USG Logo

The USG logo should be used on systemwide agendas, certificates, awards, invitations, ceremonial programs and other official USG documents.

The USG logo consists of the words University System of Georgia below or beside the circular graphic that has the words Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia circling the columned building icon. The two elements — the words University System of Georgia and the circular graphic — must always appear together. The circular graphic should never be used alone or be incorporated into any other logo. The columned building icon is an outline and, in most cases, should not be filled in. Please contact if you feel your design warrants an exception to this policy.

University System Office employees can download the logo files from our Branding SharePoint site. If you do not have a USO Office 365 account, please email us to request the files directly.