African-American Male Initiative

Strategic Academic Initiatives

Funding Opportunities

AAMI thrives on building partnerships, both with the USG campuses and with external organizations. These relationships, over the past fifteen years, have afforded AAMI the ability to leverage the philanthropic community’s engagement in support of higher education projects like AAMI. Evidence of the effective use of developing partnerships was the convening of a Donor Best-Practices session during AAMI’s 10th anniversary conference. Various sessions were conducted to share knowledge, practices and resources on promising and effective practices targeted at addressing the issues of retention, progression and graduation rates.

Further, grants from partners have enabled AAMI to significantly expand its programming and reporting capabilities, launch new retention initiatives and to document impressive outcomes.  In addition, funding also enabled AAMI to more strongly partner with the USG’s Research and Policy Analysis department to expand that office’s program data collection efforts.

Funds from grants are made available to qualifying USG institutions in support of programs that will be dedicated solely and specifically to AAMI programming activities on that campus. Previous grant fundings are available on the links below. Funding for FY 2019 will be announced in the month of April 2018.