African-American Male Initiative

Strategic Academic Initiatives

AAMI 2.0

In 2018, the USG’s AAMI began a new phase known as AAMI 2.0 with a stronger infrastructure, continuity in best practices, and strategic programming support. We are committed to significantly increase the graduation rates and the number of degrees conferred upon African-American males in the USG, blending our focus with the USG’s Momentum Year.

This will be achieved through the implementation of customized programming that is aligned with the AAMI Integrated Program Model. The model includes four key components:

  • Academic Skills Enrichment: Provides supplemental literacy, writing, math and study-skill activities to help pre-college students transition to college academic life during the summer and assist enrolled AAMI participants with RPG (retention, progression, and graduation) throughout the academic year.
  • Student Support Services: Makes available internal and external resources, information and learning tools to enhance students’ academic and social successes.
  • Adult & Peer Mentoring: Connects AAMI students to adults and peers who encourage achievement, foster positive attitudes, as well as a sense of belonging through personal and academic support, while reinforcing RPG.
  • Leadership Development: Provides multi-faceted professional and soft skills forums to help develop and strengthen participants’ leadership skills.

The future is now and we are preparing the young men of AAMI to embrace it.