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Campus Accomplishments and Testimonials


Dr Charmaine Troy

Dr. Charmaine Troy – Georgia Gwinnett College
Dr. Troy has been awarded 2019 Honorable Mention in the category of Dissertation of the Year Award, by The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE). Her dissertation was, “Examining Media Bias Surrounding Black Higher Education: A Content and Discourse Analysis of News Surrounding Critical Incidents That Have Occurred at Two Historically Black Colleges and Universities”.

Presented at the AABHE Conference in Indianapolis, Dr. Troy states, “I am truly humbled to have my work recognized by the association’s panel of judges.”

Campus Success

University of West Georgia

University of West Georgia – Dr. Michael Hester and Ms. Ashley Lewis
UWG Takes Minority Graduation Rates to New Heights “While the saying goes that numbers never lie, in the case of the African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) at the University of West Georgia, they also tell an amazing story.

Over the past eight years, the AAMI program at UWG has helped more than 500 black male students, a group that has been historically underrepresented in higher education, progress through college and graduate on time. Since Fiscal Year 2011, AAMI cohorts have seen better retention, progression and graduation rates than that of the general student body, and this year they celebrated a retention rate of more than 88 percent.”

Click on this link for the full article.

This article further solidifies the value of AAMI. Great work!

Student Success

Jeremy Timothy Ford

Jeremy Timothy Ford Is a sophomore at Georgia State University, studying film with a minor in African American History. He has dropped out of college 3 times, been abandoned by family, and has been diagnosed with HIV. He states, “I believe that my life tragedies somehow saved my life.” Overcoming his obstacles, Jeremy has written his second project entitled “When A Black Man Walks.” Its mission is to Refocus, Reform, and Refine higher education through the lens of African American Men, featuring AAMI programs across Georgia.

This project was inspired by his interaction with Panther Prime (GSU’s AAMI), such as program directors Mr. Jacob English and Dr. Jeffrey Coleman; and the continual support received from his mentor, the advisors and the brothers of Panther Prime.

Jeremy recently presented one of his projects at the Sundance Film Festival.

Kudos to Jeremy and to all who support and encourage him at Georgia State.