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The Office of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) supports the University System of Georgia by providing leadership and guidance on emerging system-wide risks and related reporting. This is accomplished through:

  • Serving as primary liaison between the DOAS, the USG institutions, and the BOR for all enterprise risk-related matters,
  • Evaluating and monitoring business continuity plans,
  • Providing implementation assistance to and validating the adoption of policies and procedures intended to mitigate enterprise risks.
  • Collaborating with each institutional risk management policy coordinator and appropriate state entities to educate, embrace and adopt sound practices of policy and procedure.
  • Implementing of the ERM framework and support tools that assist with:
    • Identifying and assessing risks
    • Developing suitable risk responses
    • Communicating with risk stakeholders
    • Monitoring and managing risks 
Image of ERM Process chart with details of each step

High resolution version of ERM Process chart

USG institutions are required to submit their key risk matrix, including mitigation plans, to the USG Director of Operations & Risk annually.  The Office of Enterprise Risk Management is available to assist institutions with their risk assessment process, upon request.


If you are aware of any unmitigated enterprise-level risks related to the University System of Georgia we want to know about it! You may provide this information anonymously, online or call 1-877-516-3466.