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The Office of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) supports the University System of Georgia by providing leadership and guidance on emerging system-wide risks and related reporting. This is accomplished through:

  • Serving as primary liaison between the DOAS, the USG institutions, and the BOR for all enterprise risk-related matters,
  • Evaluating and monitoring business continuity plans,
  • Providing implementation assistance to and validating the adoption of policies and procedures intended to mitigate enterprise risks.
  • Collaborating with each institutional risk management policy coordinator and appropriate state entities to educate, embrace and adopt sound practices of policy and procedure.
  • Implementing of the ERM framework and support tools that assist with:
    • Identifying and assessing risks
    • Developing suitable risk responses
    • Communicating with risk stakeholders
    • Monitoring and managing risks 

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USG institutions are required to submit their key risk matrix, including mitigation plans, to the USG Director of Operations & Risk annually.  The Office of Enterprise Risk Management is available to assist institutions with their risk assessment process, upon request.


If you are aware of any unmitigated enterprise-level risks related to the University System of Georgia we want to know about it! You may provide this information anonymously, online or call 1-877-516-3466.