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Fiscal Affairs Division


As an agent for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, the Treasurer performs such duties and have such powers authorized by the Board or by the Chancellor as set forth in the Bylaws or in The Policy Manual of the Board of Regents. The Treasurer is present at all Board Meetings except as otherwise determined by the Board.

The Treasurer oversees funds available for investments and maintains custody of securities, subject to the approval of the Board. The Treasurer maintains financial supervision over the management of cash and cash equivalent assets of the System. These include: bank accounts, investments, debt, and trust accounts as well maintenance of adequate insurance and security of fidelity bonds for whom such bonds are necessary or advisable. The Treasurer assists institutions in preparing a manual of business procedures to be followed by that institution and assists institutions in establishing and maintaining uniform and effective procedures of accounting, budgetary control, internal checks and audits, inventory controls, and business practices. In addition, the Treasurer advises institutions on all problems of a fiscal or business nature; including, developing policies governing terms and conditions of employment of classified personnel. Such policies shall include regulations regarding salaries and wages paid to various types of employees, job classification and merit plans, promotions, sick leaves, vacations, insurance and retirement.

The Treasurer prepares and publishes reports on the financial operations of the System and its institutions and provides the Chancellor and members of the Committee on Finance and Business Operations with any information that will be helpful in preparing recommendations for the Board on the allocation of state funds. The Treasurer assembles financial data that may be used as a basis for requests to the Governor and General Assembly for appropriations for the support of the University System and its institutions. The Treasurer is authorized to sign on behalf of the Board all documents necessary to convey, assign, transfer or sell investments for the various trust accounts for which the Board of Regents is the designated trustee.

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