Information Technology Services

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Educational Technologies

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ITS’ educational technologies develop, support and maintain administrative software applications and data repositories to help manage and integrate complex information functions across the University System of Georgia (USG) by handling behind-the-scenes work.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is responsible for supporting, maintaining and delivering cutting-edge technology through centrally managed and process-centric applications such as PeopleSoft Financial Services, Supporting Services and HR Integration Services to meet the administrative needs of 26 USG institutions.


GeorgiaBEST (Banner Enhanced System Team) is responsible for supporting, maintaining, and delivering innovative technology solutions through centrally managed applications to meet the administrative and student focused needs of USG institutions. GeorgiaBEST supports core functions like admissions, registration, financial aid and HOPE, housing and grade reporting, while integrating with other USG services such as Administrative Services, INGRESS, GALILEO, GAfutures, the Brightspace by D2L learning management system and the data warehouse.


GeorgiaVIEW provides a robust and feature-rich online environment for University System of Georgia supplemental, hybrid or fully online courses. GeorgiaVIEW enables faculty members to communicate and collaborate with students to enhance teaching and learning.


Georgia Online Virtual Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW) is the University System of Georgia’s collaborative learning environment that provides a single point of access for all shared courses across the USG. Collaborative certificate and degree programs offered by USG institutions include information technology, business administration, nursing, organizational leadership, teacher education and foreign language.


The Intra-Georgia Registration Sharing System, INGRESS, is the University System of Georgia’s multi-institutional registration tool that facilitates the sharing of courses among institutions. INGRESS is one of the many programs supporting the USG’s strategic initiatives in advancing distance education and training.