Vision, Mission and Goals

The University System of Georgia was created to provide a strong, unified, academically excellent system of public higher education for Georgians. We would like to take a moment to share with you our vision, mission and goals:


"The University System of Georgia will create a more educated Georgia, well prepared for a global, technological society, by providing first-rate undergraduate and graduate education, leading-edge research, and committed public service."


The mission of the University System of Georgia is to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic, and social advancement of Georgia by providing excellent undergraduate general education and first-rate programs leading to associate, baccalaureate, masters, professional, and doctorate degrees; by pursuing leading-edge basic and applied research, scholarly inquiry, and creative endeavors; and by bringing these intellectual resources, and those of the public libraries, to bear on the economic development of the State and the continuing education of its citizens. Please visit the USO website to read the Mission Statement in its entirety.


The University System of Georgia will ensure access to academic excellence and educational opportunities for all Georgians by:

Educating graduates who are intellectually and ethically informed individuals with well-defined skills and knowledge who are capable leaders, creative thinkers, and contributing citizens.

In meeting these goals, the University System of Georgia will hold itself accountable to the citizens of Georgia for the effective and efficient use of every available material resource, new technology, and human insight and activity and will charge its collective intellectual power on behalf of the state.