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The University System of Georgia was established under passage of the Reorganization Act of 1931. This act unified the state’s public institutions of higher education and established the Board of Regents as the sole governing and management authority of the system.

The Board of Regents is composed of 19 members, five of whom are appointed from the state-at-large and one from each of the state’s 14 Congressional districts. Regents donate their time and expertise to serve the state through their governance of the University System of Georgia—the position is a voluntary one without financial remuneration The Board elects a chancellor who serves as its chief executive officer and the chief administrative officer of the University System.

The Board oversees the state’s 26 public colleges and universities and the System Office which comprise the University System of Georgia and has oversight of the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Public Library System.  For more information, visit our USG Institutions information page.

For more information about the USG, please visit our About Us page.

Within the University System of Georgia is the University System Office (USO). The USO provides coordination and overarching administration of the shared resources, rules and policies for the 26 institutions and the other entities within the USG. 

The USO is comprised of five locations:

  • Atlanta - Central Office (Trinity Washington Building) where most of the administrative departments are based;
  • Athens – Primarily Information Technology Services and Galileo
  • Atlanta - Georgia Public Library Service
  • Morrow - Georgia Archives
  • Sandersville – Primarily the Shared Services Center and the USG Helpdesk

The USO also oversees the Georgia Film Academy (GFA), a unique collaborative effort of the University System of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia.  GFA has offices based in Pinewood Studios in South Fulton County as well the Atlanta Central Office location.