Employee Benefits

The University System of Georgia offers its employees a well-balanced benefit program designed to provide protection against today's financial hazards due to sickness or injury, as well as the opportunity to accumulate assets toward achieving tomorrow's financial security.

As authorized by Sections 125 and 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, your health, vision, and dental premiums, retirement plan contributions (voluntary and mandatory plans), health savings account contributions, and flexible spending accounts deductions are made before taxes are withheld, therefore increasing your take-home pay and reducing your taxable income.

While the costs of providing benefits are ever increasing, the University System of Georgia ensures that a competitive, cost-efficient benefit program is available to its employees.

Important deadline note:   You have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll in your benefit options. This applies to all of your benefits choices with one exception. If you are hired into a job within the University System of Georgia and your position allows you a choice of mandatory retirement plans, you must make your choice of retirement plan 60 days from your employment date.

Summary of Your Benefit Options

Please review the Comparison Guide for information on your core benefit options. For more detailed information, visit our Benefits home page.

Note: We do not prorate your insurance premiums. The full month's premium will be deducted from your first paycheck if your effective date of coverage is any date other than the first of the month. Our online enrollment will display your options for your effective date of coverage.

Each year you will be given the opportunity to make authorized changes to your benefit choices during the Open Enrollment period (generally in the fall of each year) or if you experience a life event, such as:

NOTE: Any change in family status, during the year, must be reported to (this includes the submission of proper documentation) your onsite Human Resources/Benefits representative within 30 days of the event.

Please also print and complete the Outstanding Wages Beneficiary form and submit it to your HR representative.