Supplemental Retirement Plans - USO 403(b) and USO 457(b)

USG offers a 403(b) and 457(b) plan as voluntary retirement savings plans to supplement your TRS or ORP retirement plans. These plans are available to part-time and full-time employees. You can enroll in one or both plans at any time during your employment. You may elect to contribute on a pre-tax basis or after-tax basis to the 403(b) and/or 457(b) plans. These plans are funded with employee only contributions. There is no Employer Match. The Maximum contribution limit for 2019 to each plan is $19,000. Catch up provisions for age 50 and older allows for an additional $6,000 contributions to each plan. These limits are subject to change each year based upon IRS published guidelines.

To enroll in the 403(b) and 457(b) Plan, please visit the OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service Portal to access the Retirement@Work page.

New Employees should follow the instructions outlined in the 403(b) and 457(b) Enrollment Guide for each vendor to set up an account. Once the user account is established, the employee may designate beneficiaries, update personal information and check account balances.

In addition, if you elect to participate in the supplemental plans, you can maintain your account by logging into the Retirement@Work portal.

Additional Supplemental Retirement Plan Resources

Please contact your Human Resources office for specific details regarding your plan.