Optional Retirement Plan Defined Contribution Plan (ORP)

ORP is a 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan. In this type of plan, the employer and employee make contributions to the plan on a regular basis. You are required to make a mandatory pre-tax contribution to the plan and your employer contributes a matching contribution on your behalf. Your account balance is based upon EE/ER contributions and accumulated earnings. You become 100% vested immediately. The participant is responsible for making investment decisions and assumes the risks associated with investment decisions. You can divide your investments between 3 retirement plan vendors: TIAA, Fidelity and VALIC. If you elect to split up your contributions between retirement plan vendors, you must allocate at least 10% to each vendor. You are allowed to change vendors and/or amount invested once a quarter. To make changes to your ORP allocation, employees must log into the OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service Portal and sign into Retirement@Work. If you leave employment with USG, you have the option of leaving your contributions with your retirement plan vendor, rollover your contributions to another qualified plan or IRA or request a lump-sum distribution (tax penalties may apply).

5 Key Plan Provisions

Mandatory 6% EE and Matching 9.24% ER Contributions ( subject to change) 100% Vested (upon enrollment in the plan) No Loans Allowed No Hardship or unforeseen emergency Withdrawals No In-service Distributions

Employees can enroll in the ORP retirement plan via the OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service Portal when completing their benefit elections. USO HR will provide details regarding how to make that election on your first day.

Exempt new hires should follow the instructions outlined in the ORP Enrollment Guide for each vendor to set up an account. Once the user account is established, the employee may designate beneficiaries, update personal information and check account balances.

Additional ORP Resources