Key Issuance/Building Access

Atlanta Location

All Atlanta based University System Office employees must have a building access cardkey made by the Georgia Building Authority. In order to maintain maximum security, employees receiving access keys to State offices/areas must adhere to the following procedures:

Key Control Request forms are available from Human Resources. The appropriate department/unit head or administrative officer may authorize the key request. Under normal circumstances (keys on file), keys will be issued within three days from the receipt of the request. A Key Distribution Record Card much be signed by the recipient of the key(s). In case of emergency, contact Office Resources, Tenant Coordinator or GBA Access Control. Keys are not transferable and must not be passed from one employee to another. Keys should to be turned in to Human Resources. Replacement keys are subject to a replacement fee. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for further information.

Athens Location

The hiring department will submit the required paperwork to request building and computer access for new employees.

Please note: Full-Time or Part-Time benefits eligible employees please proceed to Employee Benefits