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Faculty Learning Communities

The USG Faculty Learning Community (FLC) project provides an opportunity for faculty and staff from USG institutions to enhance their understanding of a topic related to teaching and learning. The 2016-17 FLCs focused on Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) and included fifteen faculty and staff participants. The topic for the 2017-18 FLC is Service-Learning and is comprised of 30 faculty and staff, divided into two groups based on their particular areas of interest. Following a kickoff meeting where the basics of FLCs and the topic at hand are explored, the FLCs meet virtually via Webex on a regular basis.

At the end of the year-long collaboration, each FLC submits one of the following final projects:

  • A presentation at the USG Teaching & Learning Conference in Athens, GA that describes the work of the learning community throughout the year, and includes how their participation in the FLC has led to changes in their implementation/advocacy of their topic.

  • A 1-2 page narrative from each FLC participant that describes how participating in the community has affected their teaching, programming, participation, or advocacy for their topic. Artifacts that document these changes (e.g. revised syllabi, description of advocacy, etc.) can be included. The FLC Coordinator will compile these narratives and provide a cover narrative that summarizes the work of the FLC.

  • A scholarly “white paper” authored by all members of the faculty learning community that articulates the activity and position of the members in terms of either 1) how to promote and support participation in the topic of interest, or 2) how to advocate for the topic of interest to upper administration at institutions. The white paper will include: (a) an abstract, (b) background information on the issue and problems addressed, (c) recommended strategies or solutions, (d) a conclusion, and (e) references (works cited).

FLC Group

2017-2018 Service Learning Faculty Learning Community Group 1

Left to right

*Jane Hercules, Georgia State University, Perimeter College *Mariana Stoyanova, Georgia College and State University *Rob Nordan, East Georgia State College *Karen Wheel Carter, , Georgia State University, Perimeter College *Judy Orton Grissett, Georgia Southwestern State University *Allison Foley, Augusta University *Jeannette Diaz, University of West Georgia *Natalie L. Stickney, Georgia State University, Perimeter College

FLC Group 2

2017-2018 Service learning Faculty Learning Community Group 2

Left to right

*Urkovia Andrews, Georgia Southern University *Cheri Kersey, Georgia State University, Perimeter College *May Elizabeth Tyler Boucebci, , Georgia State University, Perimeter College *Cody Cocchi, College of Coastal Georgia *Antoinette Miller, Clayton State University *Courtney Dubois, Clayton State University *Tami Ogletree, University of West Georgia *Paul Dahlgren, Georgia Southwestern State University *Jadyn Queen, Georgia College and State University *Kimberly Gray, Augusta University