Campus Consolidations

University System of Georgia

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College - Bainbridge State College

Profiles - Consolidated Institutions

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

  • Established 1906
  • Fall 2016 Enrollment: 3,475
  • First-Year Retention: 64%
  • FY 17 Original Budget: $47,739,928

Bainbridge State College

  • Established 1970
  • Fall 2016 Enrollment: 2,468
  • First-Year Retention: 63.5%
  • FY 17 Original Budget: $27,895,648

Opportunities & Challenges


  • Strategically align degree offerings with workforce and regional needs
  • Create an instructional site in Bainbridge that serves the needs of the community and region with a select range of degrees currently offered at ABAC
  • Maintain teaching of core at Bainbridge site
  • Continue access for students to TCSG certificate & diploma programs at Bainbridge site
  • Reinvest savings from administrative efficiencies in programs to support student success & fiscal stability
  • Bainbridge site would benefit from stable and strong ABAC administration
  • Improve Bainbridge graduation rates through leveraging ABAC’s programs and services
  • Minimal duplication of academic programs creates additional pathways for students
  • Establish a simpler path for associate-degree students to achieve bachelor’s degrees


  • Blending of institutional missions and cultures
  • Steep enrollment declines over last five years at Bainbridge State
  • Need to review and revise program offerings at Bainbridge State due to low program production and region’s changing economic needs
  • Ensure continued strong community support in Bainbridge
  • About 90-minute drive between campuses