Consolidation Working Group for Georgia Regents University

Dr. Ricardo Azziz, President, GHSU (Working Group Chair)
Dr. William Bloodworth, President, ASU
Dr. Carol Rychly, Acting VP for Academic Affairs, ASU
Dr. Wendy Turner, Chair of Faculty Policies and Professor of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy, ASU
Mr. Jim Jones, AVP for Finance and Control, GHSU
Mr. Phil Howard, VP for Facilities, GHSU
Dr. Gretchen Caughman, Exec VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, GHSU
Mr. Phil Wahl, Incoming Chair of ASU Board and Augusta City President Commercial Relationship Manager for First Citizens Bank
Dr. Sandra Freedman, former President Medical College of Georgia Alumni Association
Mr. Jim Hull, Principle, Hull Storey Gibson Retail Group, Augusta community member
Mr. Cedric Johnson Sr., First Bank of Georgia VP and Community Dev Officer, Augusta community member
Mr. Will McKnight, Augusta community member
Mr. Jeff Heck, Reese Library, Assoc Director/Assoc Professor Faculty Policies Chair, ASU
Dr. Rich Griner, Dept of Biology, Chair Assoc Professor, ASU
Dr. Michael Brands, Professor & Director of Medical Physiology, GHSU
Dr. W. Kent Guion, VP for Diversity and Inclusion, GHSU
Mr. Clint Bryant, Director of Athletics, GHSU
Ms. Patricia Harris, Human Resource Specialist, ASU
Ms. Victoria Worsham, Bookstore, Accountant I / Staff Advisory Council, ASU
Ms. Kerry Cartledge, Chair - Employee Advisory Council
Mr. Andrew Phillips, SGA President, ASU
Ms. Caitlin Madigan, SGA Humanitarian, GHSU