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Information Technology Services

Vision and Mission

Print friendly Modified January 14, 2015

The USG IT mission, vision, and core value statements have been developed with the input and participation of all members of the USG community. Constituents with a stake in IT and the future of the USG, including University System leaders and administrators, Information Technology Services personnel, institutional faculty and IT professionals, students, business representatives and the public have all been invited to contribute their thoughts to the development of these statements that shape our direction.

The Strategic Planning committee held kick-off meetings and requested comments on a rough draft that was distributed and made available for review on the USG website. The following statements are the result of the revisions made based on input received and discussed.

Vision Statement

To be a nationally recognized leader in providing secure higher-education information technology infrastructure, learning support, knowledge management, and services such that if our customers could choose any educational IT provider, they would choose us.

Mission Statement

Anticipate and respond effectively with innovative, robust, reliable, and secure technological and decision-support services and applications to the University System of Georgia and its constituent institutions so as to educate and inspire students, empower USG educators and administrators, and advance the state of education in Georgia and the nation.