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Core Value: Memorable

Curt Carver's thoughts on Memorable

Being memorable is part knowing the customers better than anyone else and part delivering service in such a way as to delight them. It is doing the ordinary in an exceptional way. You can close out a help ticket by e-mail, phone, or in person. Each can be done in a distinctive way that reinforces the emotional connection between you and the customer. The more personal you make the contact, the more emotional and memorable the interaction. Over time, you build an emotional reserve and a reputation based on this interaction.

I apply this concept by not responding to e-mail if I am in the same building as the sender of the email; instead, I go and talk with the person about his or her issue. I try to follow-up after I make a commitment to ensure that I (or the organization that I am leading) actually delivered what I promised. You can see indications of my attempts to be memorable in the small things I do: Praise and Progress meetings, the monthly Lunch with the CIO program, Town Hall meetings, open communications with the organization, and campus visits. Of course, each of these can be done differently, but I want the experience to be memorable, to change organizational culture and sense of brand, and to build an emotional connection with the great people inside ITS as well as our customers.

Below is a quote from Margaret Chase Smith. It does not fully capture what I mean by ‘memorable’ but it highlights the need for complete dedication to our customers, the respect that everyone is entitled to, and our ability to rise above the common fray of petty ideas and motives and accomplish something that is memorable.

“My creed is that public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation with full recognition that every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration, that constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought, that smears are not only to be expected but fought, that honor is to be earned, not bought.”

Miller is Memorable

Print friendly Modified June 10, 2013
Miller is Memorable

Lynn Miller exemplifies the ITS core values of memorable, performance and attitude in her position as a business systems analyst II with GeorgiaBEST.

“Lynn is always willing to take on a new challenge, even if it falls outside her core area of expertise,” said Debora Exum, associate director of GeorgiaBEST and Lynn’s supervisor. “I am pleased to highlight her as an outstanding staff member on the GeorgiaBEST team.”

According to Debora, Lynn is one of those people that lights up a room when she enters. She has passion for her work and it shows in the knowledge she has of Banner and Degree Works, the level of professionalism with which she engages her customers, and the camaraderie that she shares with her co-workers.

Lynn expressed how she truly enjoys the opportunity to serve the people on campuses just trying to do their job and get work done, while still serving the students. She added that she enjoys the diversity of tasks related to her job, from training functional users to working on issues via the USGTrackit. “I enjoy the constantly changing and challenging nature of student information systems software and all the related components, particularly Degree Works,” said Lynn. “Staying up to date and current on issues, trends and user preferences is very challenging!”

She noted the most exciting component of her position is the opportunity to make a difference for the campuses, thereby positively impacting students. Lynn also mentioned whether working on a ticket, preparing training materials or testing new functionality, the end result of her work always benefits students. She said her “nerdy side is satisfied” when she discovers something cool or unusual in a software product.

Lynn has been a member of the ITS team for more than nine months. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Piedmont College. Prior to joining ITS, Lynn was a transfer evaluation specialist at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Thanks Lynn for your continued commitment to ITS!

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The Banner Team makes a lasting impression on Georgia Perimeter College

Print friendly Modified June 10, 2013
The Banner Team makes a lasting impression on Georgia Perimeter College

The Banner Team’s commitment to their customers is unwavering. One example of this dedication is the recent Version 8 Georgia Enhancements upgrade project. Because of requirements stipulated by the BOR for the HOPE scholarship and other data collections, ITS’s Banner Team provides Georgia Enhancements (modifications that address data needs specific to the USG) in addition to the baseline Banner provided by SunGard Higher Education.

The Banner Team — focusing on creating memorable customer experiences

This Banner upgrade has been a huge undertaking and in the works for two years. Not only is this the first time that Banner is being supported in three different operating system environments, it’s the first time it is being supported in the Linux environment. An issue arose when Georgia Perimeter College had to meet a campus-specific Enrollment Management project implementation deadline that caused GPC to need the Version 8 upgrade earlier than the agreed-upon deadline. Because of their devotion to their customers, the Banner Team (particularly the Banner Development Team) worked diligently to deliver the Georgia Enhancements upgrade ahead of schedule so that GPC could meet its deadline. Reid Christenberry, AVP Information Technology/CIO, was thrilled. He writes,

Thanks to all at ITS! This will be well received here.

We are discussing the possibility of merging the Banner 8 migration here into the Enrollment Management implementation project. Thanks again for pushing this out to us now. This dramatically reduces our concerns about the availability of Georgia Mods for us to commence local mod applications on!


And Shelly Wingfield, the project manager for GPC’s Enrollment Management implementation, wrote this note to Karen Nunn, Hope Dunagan, and Beverly Norwood, upon realizing that the Banner Team would provide the Georgia Enhancements upgrade ahead of schedule:

Thank you and your team so much for your hard work. Delivering the Version 8 Georgia Enhancements on Linux to GPC on an accelerated schedule is indeed wonderful news. As Reid has indicated, we are now looking to combine the Banner 8 Upgrade and the first phase of Enrollment Management for Go Live in early June.

The effort your team has put into getting the Version 8 Georgia Enhancements on Linux to us now is still critical to our success. This along with extending our timeline takes considerable pressure off the technical resources and greatly increases our chances of success on this project.

I look forward to collaborating with you on both the Banner 8 Linux upgrade AND the Enrollment Management implementation.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome.


Shelly Wingfield, MBA
Project Manager, Collegiate Project Services

The Banner Team’s passion for creating memorable customer experiences clearly shows in the enthusiasm for their work and their interactions with their customers. As Karen Nunn states, “I am proud to be a member of this team that consistently demonstrates this type of customer orientation and agility in supporting campuses’ business needs.”

Core Value: Memorable