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Core Value: Attitude

Curt Carver's thoughts on Attitude

There are many things in this world we cannot control: our height; the squirrel that eats through our PeachNet fiber connection every week, or the body piercings of our adult children. What we can control is the lens through which we interpret the world – our attitude. Technology is one of those fields that is exacting, unforgiving, and sometimes not entirely predictable. Our attitude controls the perception that our customers form, how we handle our successes and setbacks, and contributes to the building of long-term relationships. While attitude is not everything (it will not pay for a cup of coffee), it does influence how you receive the coffee or the taste of the non-coffee you did not receive.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Winston Churchill

Marshall’s Integrity And Attitude Shine

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Marshall’s Integrity And Attitude Shine

Kevin Marshall exemplifies the ITS core values of integrity and attitude in his position as an IT project manager.

“Kevin demonstrates integrity in his daily interactions and the commitments he makes to people and teams in our organization,” said Sharon Logan, director of Project Management Office. “Kevin’s customers routinely report that if he says he’s going to deliver, he does every time! He approaches his work with a positive, calm demeanor that makes people want to work with him. They know he is there to support their needs and to make sure they are successful.”

According to Kevin, project management at ITS is an emerging and challenging position. He finds rising to and overcoming the challenges very rewarding. “Project Management at ITS allows for an ample amount of opportunities to learn how the organization works in all of the different programs through a wide degree of diverse projects,” said Kevin. He believes the greatest benefit to working at ITS is the opportunity to learn from all of the great people that you get to work with and added, “I’m truly amazed everyday by what the group of people at ITS are able to do. I truly feel blessed to get to work with all of them.”

Kevin manages strategic projects working with teams to define scope, understand requirements, identify tasks, follow progress on tasks, report project status and escalate issues. He has been with ITS since Sept. 2011.

When describing what defines success in Kevin’s position, he said most projects will have at least three measures of project management success: cost, schedule and stakeholder satisfaction. Larger projects may have more, but these three are the minimum. He said, “At ITS, we don’t typically get involved with the budgetary components except at a high level in most cases. I believe at ITS, meeting the stakeholder’s expectations is the greatest source of success on projects that we typically run. If you can manage that, it usually covers most of the other components involved with managing projects.”

Prior to joining ITS, Kevin was a network administrator with the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. He earned a business administration degree from Kennesaw State University.

Thanks Kevin for your continued commitment to ITS!

Core Value: AttitudeCore Value: Integrity

Miller is Memorable

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Miller is Memorable

Lynn Miller exemplifies the ITS core values of memorable, performance and attitude in her position as a business systems analyst II with GeorgiaBEST.

“Lynn is always willing to take on a new challenge, even if it falls outside her core area of expertise,” said Debora Exum, associate director of GeorgiaBEST and Lynn’s supervisor. “I am pleased to highlight her as an outstanding staff member on the GeorgiaBEST team.”

According to Debora, Lynn is one of those people that lights up a room when she enters. She has passion for her work and it shows in the knowledge she has of Banner and Degree Works, the level of professionalism with which she engages her customers, and the camaraderie that she shares with her co-workers.

Lynn expressed how she truly enjoys the opportunity to serve the people on campuses just trying to do their job and get work done, while still serving the students. She added that she enjoys the diversity of tasks related to her job, from training functional users to working on issues via the USGTrackit. “I enjoy the constantly changing and challenging nature of student information systems software and all the related components, particularly Degree Works,” said Lynn. “Staying up to date and current on issues, trends and user preferences is very challenging!”

She noted the most exciting component of her position is the opportunity to make a difference for the campuses, thereby positively impacting students. Lynn also mentioned whether working on a ticket, preparing training materials or testing new functionality, the end result of her work always benefits students. She said her “nerdy side is satisfied” when she discovers something cool or unusual in a software product.

Lynn has been a member of the ITS team for more than nine months. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Piedmont College. Prior to joining ITS, Lynn was a transfer evaluation specialist at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Thanks Lynn for your continued commitment to ITS!

Core Value: AttitudeCore Value: MemorableCore Value: Performance