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The Banner Team makes a lasting impression on Georgia Perimeter College

Print friendly Modified May 20, 2011
The Banner Team makes a lasting impression on Georgia Perimeter College

The Banner Team’s commitment to their customers is unwavering. One example of this dedication is the recent Version 8 Georgia Enhancements upgrade project. Because of requirements stipulated by the BOR for the HOPE scholarship and other data collections, ITS’s Banner Team provides Georgia Enhancements (modifications that address data needs specific to the USG) in addition to the baseline Banner provided by SunGard Higher Education.

The Banner Team — focusing on creating memorable customer experiences

This Banner upgrade has been a huge undertaking and in the works for two years. Not only is this the first time that Banner is being supported in three different operating system environments, it’s the first time it is being supported in the Linux environment. An issue arose when Georgia Perimeter College had to meet a campus-specific Enrollment Management project implementation deadline that caused GPC to need the Version 8 upgrade earlier than the agreed-upon deadline. Because of their devotion to their customers, the Banner Team (particularly the Banner Development Team) worked diligently to deliver the Georgia Enhancements upgrade ahead of schedule so that GPC could meet its deadline. Reid Christenberry, AVP Information Technology/CIO, was thrilled. He writes,

Thanks to all at ITS! This will be well received here.

We are discussing the possibility of merging the Banner 8 migration here into the Enrollment Management implementation project. Thanks again for pushing this out to us now. This dramatically reduces our concerns about the availability of Georgia Mods for us to commence local mod applications on!


And Shelly Wingfield, the project manager for GPC’s Enrollment Management implementation, wrote this note to Karen Nunn, Hope Dunagan, and Beverly Norwood, upon realizing that the Banner Team would provide the Georgia Enhancements upgrade ahead of schedule:

Thank you and your team so much for your hard work. Delivering the Version 8 Georgia Enhancements on Linux to GPC on an accelerated schedule is indeed wonderful news. As Reid has indicated, we are now looking to combine the Banner 8 Upgrade and the first phase of Enrollment Management for Go Live in early June.

The effort your team has put into getting the Version 8 Georgia Enhancements on Linux to us now is still critical to our success. This along with extending our timeline takes considerable pressure off the technical resources and greatly increases our chances of success on this project.

I look forward to collaborating with you on both the Banner 8 Linux upgrade AND the Enrollment Management implementation.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome.


Shelly Wingfield, MBA
Project Manager, Collegiate Project Services

The Banner Team’s passion for creating memorable customer experiences clearly shows in the enthusiasm for their work and their interactions with their customers. As Karen Nunn states, “I am proud to be a member of this team that consistently demonstrates this type of customer orientation and agility in supporting campuses’ business needs.”

Core Value: Memorable

The USO Exchange Project: A Measurable Achievement

Print friendly Modified May 20, 2011
The USO Exchange Project: A Measurable Achievement

In terms of sheer numbers, the University System Office (USO) Exchange project has been an impressive feat. In March 2009, Systems Office Technology Support (SOTS) in Atlanta and Workstation Support Services (WSS) in Athens migrated all staff e-mail accounts and calendars to Microsoft Exchange. In addition, Ginger Durham of Instructional Design and Development, provided training to email users in both locations. By the end of March 2010, SOTS and WSS will complete the second phase of the project to migrate all workstations to the USO domain. This means that all staff members can log into VPN and the wireless network with their USO credentials.

The USO Exchange project came about when USO leaders decided that staff in both offices would benefit from a common e-mail and calendaring system. Through the efforts of the project team, USO personnel communicate more efficiently through shared e-mail, collaborate more effectively through shared calendars, and can access e-mail and calendars on mobile devices. Implementing Microsoft exchange across the USO required a huge effort. The numbers below speak for themselves. Thanks to the project team and to SOTS, WSS, and Ginger Durham in particular, for a job well done.

Exchange Migration:

  • 567 user mailboxes
  • 62 mobile devices
  • 82 equipment mailboxes
  • 60 schedulable rooms
  • 25 shared mailboxes
  • 200 distribution groups


  • Atlanta – 2 training sessions per day for 10 days
  • Athens – 2 training session per day for 5 days

Approximately 300 people trained

Core Value: Measurable

ITS Helpdesk: 24/7 Integrity

Print friendly Modified May 20, 2011
ITS Helpdesk: 24/7 Integrity

If trust and open communications are the backbone of integrity when providing services in an efficient and effective manner, then there is no better example of this within our organization than the ITS Helpdesk team.

Winners of back-to-back Gold Level Customer Service Awards, the Helpdesk team builds a relationship of trust and reliability with their customers, and that relationship is reinforced with every call and e-mail made to the ITS Helpdesk. The Helpdesk customer service agents provide all customers the highest level of support each time they contact ITS. Each contact is a personal interaction.

Even during on-call hours, the team responds to the needs of its customers 24/7. “We run the Helpdesk with a triage model as far as our paging goes,” says Helpdesk Manager Greg Fischer. “So when somebody calls after business hours, they can page us and talk with a person. That customer will get a return call. Someone is always staffing the post.”

In addition to Fischer, the Helpdesk team includes five customer service agents: Elizabeth Bryant, Adrienne Burns, Kimberly Owensby, Suzanne Kille, and Mike White. The Helpdesk team exemplifies the trust you can build when resourceful and certified personnel are empowered to do their jobs and have all the right tools at their disposal. If the building were to suddenly become unavailable for some unforeseeable reason, Fischer is confident that he and his team could manage their operations from just about anywhere with a laptop and an Internet connection — thanks to their offsite contingency strategy.

The ITS Helpdesk team provides unmatched customer support and assistance for their customers. The team is unified in their belief that they should say what they mean and mean what they say. They are thoughtful and considerate of their customers; they make sure that they understand the problem and its impact on the customer and do their best to facilitate rapid resolution. They take pride in their interactions with their customers. In these times, good customer service is just not enough. The ITS Helpdesk team understands this and provides superior customer service 24/7.

Core Value: Integrity
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