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Information Technology Services

Core Values (I.M.P.A.C.T.)

Print friendly Modified November 9, 2010

Integrity, Innovation

Our word is our bond always. We innovate constantly by anticipating the needs of our constituents and constantly learning.

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Memorable, Measurable

Interactions with our staff are positive and effective. We delight. We evaluate continually to improve our performance.

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People, Performance

Our people are our treasure, our most important resource; they are fundamental to our success. We perform by delivering results perceived and valued by our constituents.

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Attitude, Accountability

A winning can-do attitude differentiates us from a compliance-only organization. We are accountable for all that we do or do not do.

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Competence, Candor

Quiet competence permeates everything we do. Professional, respectful, and frank discourse underlies and supports our interactions.

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Teamwork, Tenacity

We are a team; we celebrate our collective successes and work together to remediate our shortcomings. We never quit. We never give up. We persevere under adversity.

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