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Information Technology Handbook

Print friendly Version date January 2, 2014

This standard applies to all USG employees, including full- and part-time staff, consultants, and other agents who use a personally-owned device to access, store, back up, or relocate any USG or client-specific data. Such access to these data is a privilege, not a right, and forms the basis of a trust the USG has built with its clients, vendor partners, and other constituents. Consequently, USG employment does not automatically guarantee the initial or ongoing ability to use these devices to gain access to USG networks and information.

This standard applies to any hardware and related software that is not owned or supplied by the USG, but could be used to access USG resources. This includes devices that employees have acquired for personal use, but also wish to use in the business environment. It includes any personally-owned device capable of inputting, processing, storing, and outputting of USG data and connecting to a network.

This standard is complementary to any previously implemented policies and standards covering acceptable use, data access, data storage, data movement and processing, and connectivity of devices to any element of the enterprise network. Always consult the USG IT Handbook for up-to-date standards and guidance.

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