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Information Technology Handbook

Print friendly Version date May 13, 2014

This section promulgates ePrivacy requirements for all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions, the University System Office (USO) [including the Shared Services Center (SSC)], the Georgia Public Library System (GPLS), and the Georgia Archives.

The USG is committed to protecting the privacy of all its students, faculty, staff, and other employees, and personal information will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by law.

We reserve the right to update and amend our ePrivacy standards as needed. A current version of the ePrivacy standards will be posted on the IT Handbook web site at:


The following definitions of shall, will, must, may, may not, and should are used throughout this Handbook.

  1. Shall, Will, and Must indicate a legal, regulatory, standard, or policy requirement. Shall and Will are used for persons and organizations, and Must for inanimate objects.
  2. May indicates an option.
  3. May Not indicates a prohibition.
  4. Should indicates a recommendation that, in the absence of an alternative providing equal or better protection from risk, is an acceptable approach to achieve a requirement. The focus of should statements generally is more outcome-based; i.e., an alternate method to achieve the requirement may be developed assuming it is documented as effectively managing risk.

Implementation and Compliance

Section Number Section Name Compilation Date Published Date Compliance Date Revision Date(s)
6.1 USG Privacy Standard June 2013 August 2013 to InfoSec
May 2014 to IT Handbook
May 2014
6.2 USG Web Privacy Standard June 2013 August 2013 to InfoSec
May 2014 to IT Handbook
May 2014
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