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Information Technology Handbook

Print friendly Version date May 16, 2014

5.16.1 Purpose

USG email is provided as a tool to assist and facilitate state business, communications with students, faculty, and its representatives to conduct official business on behalf of the USG. This section establishes a standard for the appropriate use and protection of USG email systems.

5.16.2 Scope, Authority, Enforcement, and Exceptions

Individual USG institutions, the USO, the GPLS, and the Georgia Archives will be responsible for developing detailed procedures to comply with this standard. This standard will guide periodic reviews, as well as audits by USG Internal Audit and Compliance. Violators of this standard may be subject to employee disciplinary procedures. USG participant organizations may impose sanctions upon their employees for violations of this standard.

5.16.3 Standard

  1. Access to email shall be governed by the USG participant organization’s authorization and access control and password protection policies and standards.
  2. Email passwords shall be encrypted and not be stored or passed in clear text.
  3. Email systems shall be protected from viruses, interception, and other malicious intentions.
  4. Use of USG email systems for the creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages is prohibited.
  5. Mass mailings about viruses or other malware warnings shall not be distributed by general users, and shall be validated, approved, and distributed by the appropriate security administrator(s).
  6. All email monitoring must be reviewed and approved by USG Information Security & ePrivacy and/or USG Legal Affairs.
  7. Unauthorized email forwarding is prohibited. Email forwarding must be approved by the email account user or the USG participant organization’s executive management.

All electronic mail (email) transmitted to or from a USG email system shall comply with all applicable federal and state regulations, and shall be governed by the following USG security policies, standards, and/or guidelines:

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