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Information Technology Handbook

Updates and Revisions

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Posting Date Revised Section
04-14-2014 Introduction, revised.
04-14-2014 “Print Entire Section” link added to each section Table of Contents page.
01-15-2014 Introduction, revised.
01-02-2014 Section 8.2, Applicability, revised.
10-18-2013 Section 8.0, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Standard, added.
03-12-2013 Section 3.1, Information System User Account Management, added.
02-25-2013 Section 5, Information Security, added.
11-14-2012 Section 2, Project and Service Administration, added.
01-12-2012 Section 4.1, Technology Procurement Approval Process, added.
01-12-2012 Section 1, Information Technology (IT) Governance, added.
01-12-2012 Introduction, added.