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Print friendly Modified August 14, 2015

Current Release

Release 4.40 Release Notes (PDF) - Release Date: 08/15/2015 - 08/14/15

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Items Addressed in Current Release

The following Known Issues have been resolved as part of Release 4.40:

  • KI9.2-5 Trial Balance Report Returning Inaccurate Results for the ENCUMB Ledger
  • KI9.2-7 Surplus/Deficit Report Not Returning Transfer Amounts
  • PO-10: When attempting to add additional lines after a PO is saved and is in a status of Open, an error is received “First Operand of . Is NULL…” upon attempting to save the PO again
  • PO-14: Cancelled ePro requisitions resulting in incorrect pre-encumbrances

Please see the Release Notes for detailed information concerning these Known Issues and additional updates. Functional workarounds for issues that have been resolved should no longer be needed.

Schedule of Future Releases

Release Number Tentative Release Date Primary Purpose
5.00 November 14, 2015 BOR Enhancements and functionality updates; PeopleTools 8.54
5.10 December 19, 2015 BOR Enhancements and functionality updates 1099 Updates