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Fiscal Affairs

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About Accounting and Reporting

Accounting and Reporting supports the Office of Fiscal Affairs and the University System of Georgia by providing leadership and guidance to USG Institutions on accounting policies and procedures and related reporting. This is accomplished by:

  • Employing sound accounting policies and procedures,
  • Providing assistance to USG institutional personnel to guide the reporting process for the Annual Financial Report and the Budgetary Compliance Report,
  • Preparing the consolidated Annual Financial Report (AFR) and Budgetary Compliance Report (BCR) for the USG for submission to the Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA), the State Accounting Office (SAO), and the Board of Regents (BOR),
  • Serving as primary liaison between the DOAA, the USG institutions and the BOR for all financial audit issues,
  • Updating and maintaining the Master Chart of Accounts, and
  • Chairing the USG Accounting Issues Committee to ensure that emerging accounting issues are discussed and addressed and that consensus is developed among USG institutions in accounting approach.

Contact Information

Claire M. Arnold
Associate Vice Chancellor, Accounting and Reporting
Tel: 404-962-3068
Fax: 404-962-3199

Theresa Jackson
Director, Accounting and Reporting
Tel: 404-962-3207
Fax: 404-962-3219

Bruce Jackson
Financial Analyst
Tel: 404-962-3204
Fax: 404-962-3219