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Campus Consolidations

University System Office Consolidation Working Group

Print friendly Modified November 25, 2013

Mr. John Brown, Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Curt Carver, Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
Mr. Tom Daniel, Senior Vice Chancellor, External Affairs
Mr. Lee Richey, Interim Vice Chancellor for Real Estate and Facilities
Mr. John Fuchko, Chief Audit Officer & Associate Vice Chancellor
Ms. Tonya Lam, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Mr. John Millsaps, Associate Vice Chancellor, Media & Publications
Mr. Burns Newsome, Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs
Ms. Shelley Nickel, Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning & Implementation
Dr. Linda Noble, Associate Vice Chancellor, Faculty Affairs
Ms. Amanda Seals, Executive Director, Government Relations
Dr. Steve Wrigley, Executive Vice Chancellor, Administration
Dr. Houston Davis, Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Joyce Jones, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Ms. Marion Fedrick, Vice Chancellor Human Resources
Ms. Kimberly Ballard‐Washington, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs
Ms. Vikki Williamson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs
Ms. Marie Steed, Executive Director, IT Services
Mr. Ben Riden, Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs
Ms. Julie Harris, Program Manager, Shared Services Center
Mr. Rich Loftus, Associate Director Enterprise Information Systems
Mr. Ed Rugg, SACS