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Campus Consolidations

Potential Benefits of the KSU-SPSU Consolidation

Print friendly Modified November 25, 2013
  • Expands the opportunity to establish more workforce-related baccalaureate and graduate degrees by linking disciplines currently only on one campus.
  • Opens opportunities for students to benefit from a wider array of student activities. Studies show that engaged students have a higher rate of retention and graduation.
  • KSU is already the number one transfer destination of SPSU students, thus allowing for seemless movement between the programs.
  • Eliminates the duplication of overlapping programs that currently exists, and provides opportunities for similar programs to be housed in a single administrative unit, thereby reducing cost. Currently there are 13 duplicate and/or similar baccalaureate degrees and 2 duplicate and/or similar Master’s degrees that could be housed in a single administrative unit; savings will be redirected to new workforce-related degrees and student support.
  • Generates cost savings by eliminating duplicative administrative functions, back-office operations, and other redundant operations; savings will be redirected to new workforce-related degrees and student support.
  • Both institutions have a strong history of serving students and offering applied degrees. KSU began as Kennesaw Junior College while SPSU has a rich history of applied, workforce-related degrees. Both have a strong culture of serving students.
  • Research shows that engineering and computer science majors who have a significant number of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and arts are in higher demand and command higher salaries from employers;
  • KSU offers a number of workforce-related, applied degrees such as nursing, which is the largest in the state, education and business, and biology and chemistry, all among the top programs in the state. The KSU Professional Sales program is one of only a few in the country, and the Music and Entertainment program prepares students for careers in music business. SPSU has offered Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Construction Management degrees with a strong history of placement of graduates. Graduates in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering Technology consistently command competitive salaries. The blending of SPSU’s and KSU’s traditions of applied and workforce-related degrees creates opportunites for new degrees and areas of study for students.
  • Consolidation offers an opportunity for more efficient use of resources, especially in the facilities area. The USG space utilization study indicates that instructional space use at SPSU could be increased significantly. Integrated capital and space planning will eliminate the need for constructing duplicate facilities while enhancing utilization and allocation. KSU’s larger resource base will allow for enhanced long-term facility quality and effectiveness on both campuses. More effective use of student housing should also occur.