Frequently Asked Questions: KSU - SPSU Consolidation


What are the overall benefits of this consolidation?

Consolidation will reduce overall expenditures on administrative operations, back office functions, and other areas of duplication. Funds saved in these areas will be redirected to educational programs, educational support programs, and research programs. While it is too soon to say how much money will be redirected, the redirection of these funds to instruction, educational support, and research will add to the strength and vibrancy of the consolidated institution. The potential to add new degree programs now exists with a unified institution.

How will consolidation proceed?

Presidents Papp and Rossbacher have appointed a joint SPSU-KSU Implementation Committee that will guide the consolidation. In conjunction with the University System of Georgia Central Office and the two presidents, the Implementation Committee in turn will establish operational subcommittees to work out the details on the many issue-areas that must be considered. All decisions will be subject to review and approval by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

What is the timeline for consolidation?

The Implementation Committee has been appointed. Operational subcommittees will be appointed as appropriate in the upcoming weeks and months. All planning and documentation for consolidation must be completed and submitted to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) by October 1, 2014. SACS is expected to act on the consolidation at its December 2014 meeting, with the Board of Regents giving final approval for the consolidation at its January 2015 meeting. Fully unified operations will commence at the beginning of Fall Semester 2015.


How will students have a voice in the implementation of the consolidation?

There will be student representation on the Implementation Committee that will be established to guide the consolidation. Where appropriate, students will also be members of many of the various operational subcommittees that will be established under the aegis of the Implementation Committee.

When will this change go into effect?

It is anticipated the BOR will approve the establishment of the new institution as a consolidation of Southern Polytechnic State University and Kennesaw State University at its January 2015 meeting. Fall of 2015 will likely be the first semester student will register for the new University.

How will this affect student activities?

The Implementation Committee will review student activities currently available to students at both institutions and develop an approach to provide the best mix of student activities on both campuses.

What will my diploma say?

In some cases students already enrolled at Southern Polytechnic may have choices as to the institutional name on their diploma. Once the consolidation is fully in effect, the diploma will have KSU on it.

How will my tuition and fees change?

The Board sets tuition and fees and will continue to do so for the newly configured institution. The Implementation Committee may recommend a change from the current structure to the Board, but determination of tuition and fees is the Board of Regents responsibility.

Will my degree requirements change?

Every effort will be made to honor the current degree requirements for existing students. Institutions will be given leeway to matriculate students already enrolled in specific academic programs.

Will I get the courses I need to complete my degree?

Yes. The Board of Regents requires all USG institutions to ensure that students get the courses they need to complete their degrees.

Will my advisor change?

It is possible that one’s academic advisor will change given the need to deploy faculty in an effective and efficient manner required at every USG institution.

Will some academic programs be discontinued?

There will be a comprehensive review of all academic programs offered by both institutions in order to develop the optimum program array for the jointly consolidated institution. As a result, the possibility exists that academic programs may be continued, modified or discontinued.


How will Faculty have a voice in the implementation of the consolidation?

There will be faculty representation on the implementation committee and operational committees. Existing faculty governance processes at SPSU and KSU may also be used in the consolidation process. Final decisions on policy matters still reside with the Board of Regents

How will this affect individuals who are up for Promotion and Tenure during the consolidation time line?

It won’t. The VPAA will work with Deans, Department Chairs, and other campus leaders to create a comprehensive list of those eligible for promotion and tenure during the period of consolidation. Based upon the final list, faculty will be informed of timelines for these actions.

Will the expectations/guidelines for Promotion & Tenure change?

Because faculty promotion expectations are grounded in institutional mission, future tenure and promotion guidelines after the period of consolidation may change. VPAAs in conjunction with the Deans, Dept. Chairs, faculty leaders, and other institutional staff will work in conjunction with the BOR to determine the new guidelines appropriate to the mission of the consolidated institution and the appropriate procedures to implement the new performance expectations. Such changes will be developed during the period of consolidation, but will not go into effect until after consolidation is completed.

How will this affect campus leadership and administration?

President Papp will work in conjunction with President Rossbacher to build a new leadership structure and a new leadership team. There will be a high level involvement of faculty and staff in the building of new governance and communication structures. President Papp will be the president of the consolidated institution.

Where and when will I be teaching?

This will be determined by the appropriate academic leadership at the institution.

What role will distance education play in the consolidated institutions?

In order for institutions to help increased numbers of Georgians complete their postsecondary education, new System initiatives are being developed to add and enhance distance education opportunities


Will Staff have a voice in the implementation of the consolidation?

Yes, staff will be represented on the Implementation Committee.

Will all administrative staff retain their positions?

Over time, there will likely be a reduction in staff positions, but it is not possible to know which ones at this time. The Implementation Committee working with the president will determine the new administrative structure.

Will I have to relocate?

It is possible that relocations could occur. Decisions that affect individuals will be as part of the implementation process.

Audit Issues

How will University System internal auditors be involved in consolidation?

University System internal auditors conduct both consulting engagements and internal audits. Internal audit teams will be made available on a request basis to provide consulting services. Internal auditors may audit consolidated processes and systems.


What will happen to my degree?

Your degree is still important evidence of your academic achievement. For the purpose of clarity, after the consolidation is complete, you may want to add a statement to your resume that explains the situation such as “(merged with Kennesaw State University in 2015).” Ultimately, the consolidation will enhance the value of your degree.


Will buildings or facilities be shut down as a result of the consolidation?

Both campuses are expected to remain fully open. Regarding individual buildings, the system wide space utilization study, not just consolidation, will inform and frame decisions.

Will this impact the current USG Capital Funding request?

Any project underway will continue, but joint capital planning will begin immediately based on the System-wide Space Utilization Study.

How will MRR allocations be impacted?

MRR allocations which are currently determined using a formula will continue until consolidation is complete. At that time, there may be evidence to suggest a change in the overall MRR allocation.

How will institution PPV projects be impacted?

The USG will work with all consolidated institutions and the consolidated Foundations to ensure smooth operations of PPVs.

Will campus safety be impacted?

The USG has always been committed campus safety and emergency preparedness. This consolidation will enhance that commitment.

How/when will signs be replaced?

The Implementation Committee and, as appropriate, the operational subcommittees, will coordinate these and other related decisions.