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Strategic Academic Initiatives (SAI) focuses on USG academic initiatives that support under resourced student populations and reports to the Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer.
SAI’s work supports the USG’s commitment to the Momentum Approach and Complete College Georgia.
Examples include:

  • Adult Learners: the unified USG institutions effort to support Georgia adults that have some college credit and are interested in completing their degrees. As well as efforts to adapt the college experience to the needs of working adults who wish to further their educational attainments.

  • African American Male Initiative (AAMI): a state funded initiative that supports African American males’ matriculation through USG institutions with a proven set of programs and tutorials. AAMI’s programs and tutorials have proven
    successful with low income, first generational students regardless of race.

  • Gateway to Completion: a data driven faculty lead redesign of entry level academic courses at 25 USG institutions. This project includes a partnership with the Gardner Institute for Excellence in Higher Education.

  • Gear Up: a federally funded initiative that strengths the K-12 pipeline to college. Currently 9,000 youth and their parents are benefiting from the programming and instruction of this program. Gear Up is a $7 million dollar 7 year grant
    funded by the US Department of Education;

  • Military Affairs: the unified USG institutions effort to support enlisted military as well as veterans with their pursuit for higher education. All USG institutions have a Military Office and provide early enrollment in academic courses.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): a state funded initiative that supports USG institutions’ efforts to enroll and graduate more students in the STEM fields.

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