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Learning Support Data Collection System

The Learning Support (LS) Data Collection System gathers information about courses and grades for all students who take specified core courses. This information is used, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of learning support programs and to study course withdrawal patterns. This special data collection selects courses that students generally take in the first year (or second year for LS students), and then collects data on the students in those courses. Data collected are not from LS courses but from other courses that LS students typically take. The system collects data in the Fall about courses for which a common System course prefix and number have been designated and for which the course was taken in Fall 1999 by at least 1,000 students in the System.

The Learning Support system is administered by the Office of Research and Policy Analysis in the Division of Academic Affairs and operated and maintained by that office and Enterprise Applications Systems, also a unit of the Division of Academic Affairs.

For additional information about Learning Support, contact the Office of Research and Policy Analysis:

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Documentation for Learning Support Data Collection