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HR Data Collection

HR data is extracted from OneUSG Connect (PeopleSoft HCM application) into USG HR data mart on a daily base from Sunday night to Thursday night for each institution. HR reports provided by USG including IPEDS HR validation reports reflect the PeopleSoft HCM data as of the previous day. Please refer to below listed documents for detailed information on the extraction process.

2019 HR Data Collection Documents
This document provides information about the guidance documents posted on this site.

HR Data Submission User Guide
This document provides guidance on how to HRDM extraction process works for the OneUSG institutions and also how this process works for the one remaining non-OneUSG institution (Ga Tech).

How to add Cognos HR Data Submission Tab
This document provides guidance about how to add the HR Datamart (i.e., data submission) Tab in Cognos.