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Alcohol and Beverage Control Records

Number:  0472-01-001

Description:  This series is used to provide a record of annual and temporary event licensing for dispensing and serving alcoholic beverages, and may also be used to document the training certification of employees. This series may include but is not limited to applications and purchase orders.

Retention:  4 years after termination of license and server permit.

Certification Log

Number:  0472-01-002

Description:  This series documents the certification of records.

Retention:  10 years.

Daily Broadcast Logs

Number:  0472-01-003

Description:  This series documents daily broadcast activities of the institutional radio station or television channel.

Retention:  3 years.

Daily Logs

Number:  0472-01-004

Description:  This series documents the day-to-day activities of the office. This series may include but is not limited to: staff members' daily schedules; daily work logs; appointment information; desk calendars; and vehicle, equipment, and parking pass usage logs.

Retention:  Vehicle, equipment, and parking pass usage logs: 1 year; All other records: 3 years.

Equipment and Vehicle Inventory and Maintenance Records

Number:  0472-01-005

Description:  This series documents the location, transfer, maintenance, service, repair, and disposition of state-owned equipment and vehicles. This series may include but is not limited to: vehicle title records; equipment inventory lists; physical inventory information cards; depreciation schedules; equipment inventory forms; lost/stolen property reports; damage or loss of state property claim; equipment transfer forms and memos; property disposition requests; periodic equipment lists; returned departmental equipment inventory lists; service contracts; charge call bills; fax activity reports; service logs; computer system architecture and wiring schema records; and accountability and responsibility statements.

Retention:  Annual Vehicle Inspection Records: 3 years after the vehicle is disposed; Depreciation schedules: 4 years; All other records: 5 years after disposition of equipment.

Equipment Loan Agreements Records

Number:  0472-01-006

Description:  This series documents the institution's lending or borrowing of equipment.

Retention:  7 years after termination of agreement and return.

Food, Alcohol, Consumable, and Other Inventory, Ordering, and Delivery Records

Number:  0472-01-007

Description:  This series is used to provide the institution with a record of the dollar value of food, alcohol, consumable, and other stock (including merchandise, publications, gasoline, oil, rock, and gravel) at the end of each month for planning, ordering, and fiscal accounting purposes. This includes documentation of vendors and subcontractors and requests and delivery information.

Retention:  5 years.

Fuel Tax Reports

Number:  0472-01-008

Description:  The series includes periodic reports of taxable and non-taxable fuel usage by institution-owned vehicles.

Retention:  3 years.


Number:  0472-01-009

Description:  This series is used to provide a record of approved menus to be cycled on a monthly basis in each food service location. It is also used for cost planning and ordering of food and supplies. Information on the individual menus may include but is not limited to the foods to be served and the dates, times and locations of service.

Retention:  3 years.

Property Disposition Requests Records

Number:  0472-01-010

Description:  This series documents custodial units' requests to change the status of state-owned property.

Retention:  5 years.

Publication Records

Number:  0472-01-011

Description:  This series includes publications produced by individual institution offices. This series may include but is not limited to: printing specifications, costs of productions, art work, samples, mock-ups, drafts, final publications, and websites.

Retention:  1 copy of final publication: PERMANENT; All other records: 5 years.

Room Change Requests Form

Number:  0472-01-012

Description:  This series documents room assignments and room remodeling. Information on the change request forms may include but is not limited to: the building and room; the reason for the change; who requested the change; who approved the change; date the change was requested; source of funds; special approvals needed; and date approved.

Retention:  5 years.

Shipping Records

Number:  0472-01-013

Description:  This series documents the sending and receiving of equipment, supplies, and other items. The series includes: packing slips; shipping and container lists; and bills of lading.

Retention:  5 years.

Significant Correspondence

Number:  0472-01-014

Description:  This series includes communications that document formal decisions regarding significant matters.

Retention:  PERMANENT.

Subject Files

Number:  0472-01-015

Description:  Significant/Historical Subject Files document significant events and/or the development of administrative structure, policies, procedures, and the historical development of the office. Other Subject Files do not.

Retention:  Significant/Historical Subject Files: PERMANENT; Other Subject Files: Useful life.

Telephone Complaints/Fraud Reports

Number:  0472-04-021

Description:  This series documents the investigation of complaints of telephone misuse.

Retention:  5 years after resolution.

Transitory Correspondence

Number:  0472-01-016

Description:  This series includes records and communications received or sent that do not document decisions regarding significant matters.

Retention:  Useful life.

Transitory Records

Number:  0472-01-017

Description:  This series includes records that do not document decisions or contain significant information about an institution's programs, fiscal status, or operations. Records include, but are not limited to, advertising circulars, drafts and worksheets, desk notes, reference files, and other records of a preliminary or informational nature.

Retention:  Useful life.

Utility Locate Records

Number:  0472-01-018

Description:  This series documents the notification of persons anticipating digging on campus property who need to know the locations of underground utility lines.

Retention:  2 years.

Visitor Records

Number:  0472-01-019

Description:  This series documents public tours or individual visits. The series may include but is not limited to: weekly visitor statistics; sign-in sheets; and guest books.

Retention:  1 year.

Work Orders Records

Number:  0472-01-020

Description:  This series documents requests and authorizations for needed services and/or repairs to institutional property and equipment. It may also be used as a cost reference for future jobs.

Retention:  5 years.

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