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CATEGORY: Information Technology

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Computer System Documentation, Management, and Maintenance Records

Number:  0472-10-001

Description:  This series documents the addition, modification, maintenance, and removal of software and/or hardware from an institution computer system. Records may include: computer equipment inventories; hardware performance reports; component maintenance records; system backup reports; backup tape inventories; system overviews; operations logs; job listings; system development logs; system specifications and changes; conversion notes; dataset logs; dataset inventories; dataset record layouts; hard copies of tables; data dictionaries; programming logs; program specifications and changes; record layouts; user views; control program table documentation; program listings; instruction manuals; software purchase records; software inventories; and licenses.

Retention:  Computer Equipment Inventories: 4 years after surplussed and all audit requirements have been met; Records related to backup: Retain for 2 backup cycles; All other records: Life of system, software, or component and all audit requirements have been met.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Request

Number:  0472-10-002

Description:  The records document the request for a review of proposed equipment or software purchases to ensure the new equipment and software work with existing campus infrastructure.

Retention:  1 year.

Forms Development Records

Number:  0472-10-003

Description:  This series documents the development of new or revised forms within the institution and is used to provide a history of previous forms.

Retention:  Until superseded.

Information System Planning and Development Records

Number:  0472-10-004

Description:  This series documents the planning and development of university information systems. Records may include: information technology plans; feasibility studies; cost-benefit analyses; studies and surveys; system specifications and revisions; component proposals; technical literature; and vendor literature and proposals.

Retention:  Implemented systems: Life of system and all audit requirements have been met; Unimplemented systems: Useful life.

Network, Computer, and Server Password and Security

Number:  0472-10-005

Description:  This series documents the issuance or selection of network passwords and the administration of the security and monitoring of the institution's network, servers, and computers.

Retention:  5 years

Updated:  October 17, 2017

System Architecture Documents and Wiring Schemas

Number:  0472-10-006

Description:  Records documenting the location of wiring and the design of the overall agency network environment.

Retention:  Until superseded or obsolete, and all audit requirements have been met.

Telecommunication System Management Records

Number:  0472-10-007

Description:  This series documents the creation, modification, and disposition of university telecommunications systems. Records include: equipment records; Federal Communications Commission records; repair order forms; system planning records; telecommunications maintenance contracts; and service orders.

Retention:  For life of system and all audit requirements have been met.

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