Post-Tenure Review

When work began in September 2020 to review the Board of Regent’s policy on post-tenure review, it was with the charge to support career development for all University System of Georgia (USG) faculty and ensure accountability and continued strong performance from the system’s tenured faculty members.

USG students learn from some of the best faculty in the nation. These changes aim to support USG faculty across Georgia while maintaining the system’s quality and reputation as one of the best public higher education systems in the nation.

Board of Regents policy demands that “as public institutions of higher education, USG institutions must promote open ideas and academic freedom on their campuses.” With the new post-tenure review policy, any criteria USG institutions create for their unique post-tenure review process on campus must be consistent with BOR policy.

So, as campuses create their own policies and procedures to enact the new post-tenure review practices, we will ensure that fundamental principle is maintained.