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Model Change Request Information

Welcome to the new Model Change Request Information page! Here you will find the newest version of the Model Change Request Form and instructions on how to submit a request to the Change Control Board.

Instructions for Institution/Requester:

  • Please replace any old versions of the model change request form with this new copy.
  • Complete the top portion of the form and the sections shaded in green
    • Summary of Change Request – this should be an explanation of the change being proposed and why the change is needed
    • Available Options – Provide the various options that could be considered to meet the need that the change request has identified.
  • Submit your request by creating a ticket, which can be done by e-mailing Indicate that you are submitting a Model Change Request; Attach the completed form to the Incident.

Model Change Request Form- newly updated on 5.11.2020

  • New Addition: How the Model Change Request Process Works

Ever wonder what happens to your model change requests? Here is an outline of the change request process. In the coming weeks we will also be posting additional information as it relates to model change requests that have been submitted.

Change Request Process.pdf