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USG Consolidates Human Resources and Payroll Through Its Shared Services Center

Atlanta — March 17, 2009

Beginning in July, most of the University System of Georgia’s (USG) 40,000 employee paychecks will be issued through ADP, a national provider of transaction processing and information-based business solutions. Currently each of the University System’s 35 colleges and universities has separate databases and business processes for human resources and payroll.

This change will be the first of many as the University System moves forward with its Shared Services program, designed to unify and consolidate the System’s separate business functions throughout its colleges and universities. Thirty-two campuses, as well as the University System Office, are included in this initial phase of the Shared Services program. The next phase of the Shared Services program is currently in development.

“We are excited about the progress being made with the human resources and payroll consolidation,” said Usha Ramachandran, vice chancellor for Fiscal Affairs for the USG in an update today to the Board of Regents on Shared Services. “This is an important step as we seek to create a new operational structure that will enable us to become more efficient and effective in processing data and serving both our employees and the state.”

The regents contracted in June 2008 with ADP to consolidate human resources and payroll into a single system that will facilitate paperless processing of time sheets and benefits enrollment for employees, said Ramachandran. The first checks will be issued through the new system on July 17, 2009.

ADP staff will work with the new Shared Services Center director, Clifford Williams, selected to head up the operation based on his background and extensive private sector experience in the human resources and payroll information technology services industry. Williams will have a staff of approximately 15 who will work in the new Shared Services Center, located in Sandersville, Ga.

At a recent open forum held at Macon State University in Macon, 230 USG employees who handle human resources and payroll functions at the campus level were briefed on the Shared Services Center and the human resources and payroll consolidation, which marks Phase I of the Shared Services program. The presentation and questions and answers from the forum as well as numerous resources about the USG Shared Services Center, have been posted on a website found at

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